Try Koshu! A Japanese Wine

Chris and I went to Cornwall recently, and during our trekking I discovered a peculiar wine, Koshu, made with the only indigenous Japanese grape variety whose has the same name. Cultivated in Caucasus, this variety was imported in Japan through the Silk Road around a thousand years ago.

The Koshu grape likes extreme climates with high temperature changes and well-drained volcanic soils. The most suitable place for this grape is therefore the Yamanashi Prefecture in the South-Estern part of Honshu Island.

Tasting Notes:

Pale yellow colour, the wine displays a citrus bouquet with overtones of grassy notes of seaweeds. Low alcohol content perfectly balanced by a crisp mineral acidity, and a savoury note of sea salt.

Perfect with my crab sandwich! However, I am looking forward to try it with Nagiri sushi or a prawn tempura!

A bunch of Koshu grapes

Koshu grape bunches

Posted on 12th November 2013 by Simona