February’s Superstar Wine of the Month

Why bother to feature Muscadet when it is available everywhere and relatively cheaply? Earlier this January your Noble Vines team attended the French Wines Tasting in London and got the chance to taste this superb wine which we believe is the best Muscadet we have ever tasted!

Muscadet is made entirely from Melon de Bourgogne; a grape which DNA analysis has revealed is a cross between Pinot Blanc and Gouais Blanc.

This Burgundian variety was implanted in the Nantes area after the harsh winter of 1709 that destroyed all the existing vines. Frost resistant, the Melon found its vocation by adapting wonderfully to Nantes terroir and its metamorphic rocky soils mainly constituted by gneiss and schists.

Located at the confluence of the two rivers – Sèvre and Maine- Château Clos du Coing get its name from its location as it means Castle at the corner (of the two rivers). Built under the reign of Louis XIII and then embellished during 18th and 19th century, this typical Château of the Loire Valley is located in Saint Fiacre, the most important wine growing district in Nantes. Here the terroir is unique, vines are more than 65 years old and planted on South facing slopes, producing a yield of 50hl/ha.

Muscadet Le Clos du Moulin du Coing comes from a specific cru. It has a pale lemon tinge, displays appealing aromas of orange blossom, lemon grass, jasmine tea  with a touch of incense mixed with an iodine note of sea breeze. The palate is dominated by a lively tangy acidity impeccably balanced by a savoury note and a long refreshing tropical fruit and mint finish.

Despite the light body typical of the Muscadet style, Le Clos du Moulin du Coing displays a roundness in the palate because of the lees contacts. Lees are the natural sedimentation of the dead yeast cells during the winter, and after the alcoholic fermentation the wine rests on these deposits until the bottling at the end of March. As the wine is not racked, it retains a small quantity of CO2 which give the palate the exquisite slight sparkling feeling, so appreciated by Muscadet connoisseurs.

Pleasant as an aperitif, this Muscadet will happily accompany grilled prawns, light poultry dishes or goat cheeses such as Chèvre…..but with seafood it is a perfect match! And despite the traditional view that Champagne is the perfect companion for an oyster platter, let us express our full disagreement to this statement: Muscadet and oysters are a pairing made in heaven. Why to spend more?

Available from Noble Vines at £100/12 bottle case


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