Nani Rizzi Prosecco Valdobbiadene Brut DOCG

Our featured superstar wine of the month is a Prosecco made by Nani Rizzi, a small family-run winery in the valley of Valdobbiadene, north-west Italy.

Valdobbiadene is situated in Treviso, and is the most prestigious region for the production of Prosecco in the world. The pleasant fresh climate, mineral soils, and the southern exposure of the slopes make this area ideal for vine cultivation. Valdobbiadene is also a beautiful place to visit, and has been for centuries – it was the holiday destination of many noble Venetians during the medieval period who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The origins of Prosecco production date back to the Roman era, and it is still made today using the same grape varieties that the Romans used. The Glera grape, named after a local hilltop village in Valdobbiadene, gives the wine its basic structure, and other minor grapes (Verdiso, Perera and Bianchetta) contribute to maintain the organoleptic balance during difficult vintages. Unlike the Romans, we drink Prosecco in a dry and sparkling style, whereas they drank it still and off-dry. (Can you imagine Prosecco without bubbles!? I can’t!)

Prosecco went through a major change in 2009, when the wine-producing region was split into two: the higher DOCG appellation was awarded to the main 15 municipalities of the Valdobbiadene-Conegliano area, and the DOC appellation was awarded to the 600 villages throughout the northeastern plains.

Wine makers who cultivate and bottle their wines in the historic Valdobbiadene area seek to distinguish themselves from large-scale commercial production by making a more complex Prosecco that tells and contains the story and wine traditions of the region. Nani Rizzi is one of them. Their production of Prosecco reflects their love for the lands of Valdobiaddene.

This Prosecco has a distinctive personality: typical light golden colour with an elegant persistent mousse, the nose displays plenty of citrus zest, peach and vegetal aromas, mixed with hints of bread crust due to contact with the lees. The lingering fruity palate is dominated by fruity green apple flavours and a refreshing aromatic texture. It has a long and pleasant bitter almond finish. This sparkling wine has such beauty and complexity. It is perfect as an an aperitif but can also be enjoyed with pasta, seafood and fish courses, veal or poultry meat courses.

The Italians normally keep Nani Rizzi for local consumption – and now we know why!

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