Wine course testimonials. What people say about us

What a wonderful evening you laid on for us with the Australian Wine Dinner… we all enjoyed the excellent food and the wines… and it was a pleasure to meet the charming and knowledgeable Simona Caprioli”

– A. G. P. Niblett (winemaker and vineyard owner)

“A wonderful event where I tasted great wines with the help of an enthusiastic and talented expert who has guided us so well towards this exciting discovery!”

– P. Salvelli

“Clare and Chris’s presentation was excellent, good fun and I just loved the red wines and cheese… There was an extremely good buzz and Chris and Clare did a splendid job explaining some of the Club’s wines”

– Member of the Oriental Club Wine Society

“The Magnificent Seven” has been one of the most interesting tastings I’ve participated in so far. Seven great wines with great explanations of what makes them so special. Thank you so much, Dr. Simona Caprioli for your invaluable teaching.”

– S. Moreno

“Ruth and I would like to thank you for orchestrating a truly memorable and most enjoyable occasion which enabled us to savour and experience the exquisite tastes provided by a rare range of fine Italian wines, which in turn were perfectly matched to an array of fine Italian foods. The wines were irresistibly excellent and the food was absolutely delicious. Would you please ensure that we have two reserved places for your next fine dining event?”

– Attendee of the Italian Fine Wine Dinner

“A great virtual tour of the three European wine homelands.”

– J.L. Ruiz