September’s Superstar Wine of the Month

Mt Difficulty 2009 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir

This year September has come all too soon.  Summer is fading away and the air is heavy with rain and blown by a cool autumn breeze.  We must do all we can to lighten our moods over these next few months.

How about travelling to the southern hemisphere for their spring? If you can’t get there in body, bring a drop of spring fever to your glass, with this fragrant, soft, yet lively single vineyard pinot noir.  .

Mt Difficulty comes from the vineyards of Central Otago, a region of New Zealand with a reputation for producing elegant and pinot noirs with great ageing potential.

The wines of 2009 reflect the effects of a cooler vintage, including a brilliant ruby colour and overt fruit aromas of raspberries. No simple wine, there is a hint of laurel and pink pepper and a more complex, gamey note on the finish.

Initial, lively acidity – one contributing factor to the wine’s ability to age well, is softened by round, velvety tannins and an elegant and well-textured body. The fruity, aromatic and spicy character lingers on the palate in the long finish. Nothing difficult about this wine, and wonderful with Peking Duck!

Available in the main wine shops and online at:

Approx:  £23 per bottle.