December’s Superstar Wine of the Month

This December I am looking for something sweet and lovely, to put a little liquid love into my life! Having recently re-read the beautiful novel by Mexican author Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate, I am wondering if I can weave my own seductive path of wine and chocolate to awaken my passion for both.

I do believe I have found just the right wine, the romantically named Alcyone Tannat Dessert Red from the Uruguayan Viñedo de Los Vientos, or Vineyards of the Winds.  These vines are grown where the river estuary meets the Atlantic Ocean and the sea breeze cools the grapes which, in turn, make the most delicious, fruity, sweet wine.

This round and lusciously textured wine is made from a unique combination of the Barolo Chinato aromatic wine fortified using the Marsala technique and lovingly aged in French oak barrels. Deep amber in colour, subtle aromas of cinchona bark and gentian root are combined with more defined flavours of vanilla and cardamom seeds. This honeyed wine is well-balanced with polished tannins, a hearty alcoholic structure and iodine minerality. You will love the long, persistent chocolate mousse finish too!

Perfect with a slice of Sacher Torte and good company…this is definitely my Valentine’s day drink!

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